Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Half Way Home by Hugh Howey

So even though school has started, :) and summer is over :( I hope everyone will still talk about the amazing books they are reading throughout the year! One I hope you all read is MOCKINGJAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's out and coming to my house tomorrow morning. As soon as I read I can give it to Ms. Kesler to be passed along, in case there aren't enough copies at the school (which is always an issue)! Another newish book, Half Way Home by the wonderful Hugh Howey, is another must get. He takes things to a whole new level, and though I regretted leaving the Molly world to explore another, it was well worth it. I can't even begin to describe this book, it is so interesting! :) I think I like the Molly Fyde series better, but that is because of my opinion on some controversial issues he faces. Politically, I can tell we do not agree but I am open minded enough to understand these things- while also recognizing a lot of others I know who share my political views would not accept this. I would say only mature eighth graders for this one; it covers tricky topics. But I love it all the same and hope a few of you can benefit from these ideas! Good luck to all in school and always read. Love from Mount Airy High School- Jessi


  1. I officially have Mockingjay now! I am almost done with it so as soon as Gentry reads it my name will go on it and I will give it to Ms. Kesler. She can then read it or pass it around to anxious students who want to know the ending of this book! It's amazing so far!

  2. I am being forced to read at least 3 chapters of the 1st book....sigh.

  3. Half Way Home was really really good!!!!!!! I actually read it because of this post.