Friday, March 11, 2011

Assignment #1

Hey Y'all! This is actually my first assignment blog for the new Contemporary Lit. Class. We have certain stuff we have to write about so I'm going to start with the first one on the piece of paper.

1. How do you pick a book?
I choose books a few different ways. The first is by the author. I usually read books written by authors I like. I do this because I know this author is good at writing. The second way I choose a book is by the description of the book. If I like the summary, I usually try reading the book. The third way I choose a book is by genre. I usually choose to read fiction over non-fiction, so most of the time I read a fiction book.

2. How do you evaluate the 1st 3-4 chapters of a book? What do you look for? What makes you give up on a book?
I evaluate a book by how interesting the book is. I look for a fast-moving plot and strong characters that fit in with the story. It also helps when the book is written well. I most likely give up because the book is moving to slow or isn't interesting.

OK, I finished writing about the stuff on the piece of paper. I can't really think of a better wrap up so bye y'all!

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  1. For all those in the new class, just remember: Kids from last year's class post here too.