Thursday, March 31, 2011

Molly Fyde

Do not read unless you have read Molly Fyde the Parsona Rescue

Molly Fyde was a very good book, but a little weird at first. Molly Fyde is on a mission to find her dad’s lost spaceship. Molly goes to a Navy school but she gets kicked out for something she didn't do. A friend gives her advice that they found her fathers ship, in the Parsona in space. She and her friend, Cole, go to take the ship, only to be stopped by a branch of the Navy that turned against them, a war on a planet that no one has been to for years, bartering for illegal goods to keep them safe, and not knowing who to trust. This is one of my favorite books but takes a little while before you get into the story. I would recommend the book to any one who loves and adventure. This book is awesome.

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