Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I pick a book.....

1. How do you pick a book?
I pick a book by looking at the back of the book where it has information about the book, The cover/title, and the first couple paragraphs, if the book looks interesting I’ll read the first few pages and if I don’t want to put the book down, I know I’ll like it in the long run so I chose to read that book.

2. How do you evaluate the first 3-4 chapters?
In a book I look for interesting situations and characters I can relate to in the first few chapters. If a book starts getting boring, I don't enjoy reading it, or I can’t relate at all to any of the situations or characters I give up on the book and try a new one that looks more suitable for my taste.I think the most important part of a book are the first couple pages, because they make the first impression of a book.

Emily Parker

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