Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of Ship Breaker By:Pablo Bacilupi

In class we read the book Ship Breaker. In this book, the main character, Nailer, was in a ship breaking crew on Bright Sands Beach. he found a shipwrecked clipper ship and a young beautiful girl. He hides himself and his new friend on an island until his dreams are interrupted by his nasty brutal father. He goes on a journey to find this girl "people" and to seek safety from his father beyond Bright Sands Beach. I was satisfied with the book, and a tiny bit disappointed. The plot of this book was good, but personally I wish I had understood it better. In the process of reading this, I didn't understand snippets of the book. Overall, I enjoyed it and would maybe recommend it but only to someone who I think can handle it. I was talking to my mom about this book and she asked if I would recommend this to my little sister. My sister Sarah, (who is 11) had gone through the Hunger Games, but I am not certain that she and her peers are ready for this type of literature. I would not recommend this to anyone but a middle school aged student or above. Children who are younger than maybe 12 years old are not ready for content and language like this. There was a generous amount of foul language throughout the text. That was the only downfall of the story. The only thing is once you get through the first 5 chapters you get used to the language in it. I would compare this book to Bread and Roses Too. In that book Rosa and Jake, two people from very different worlds meet and become friends. Jakes dad was a druggie and cussed and coincidently so is Nailer's dad Richard Lopez. In Ship Breaker Nita is a swank from Britain and Nailer was a kid that climbed through ducts scavenging copper wire. Again, two very different people from very different worlds meet. Ship Breaker is a story when you read it, you get to know the characters and start to feel what they feel. Pablo B. did a terrific job of creating a good environment with details that are so visual, you can imagine them in your head. This book was very enjoyable to read, but I would only recommend it to a certain age group. In the future, I would consider reading this again. Personally, I will probably recommend this to friends of mine because it is a very well written book.

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