Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a very visual book – the images of the Maze, the Glade, the Homestead are all well-drawn. The Grievers are disgusting and horrifying. This book would make a fantastic film. I absolutely can’t wait to read the second – and third – books in the trilogy. This is one of those books when you are about 100 pages from the end, you are trying to catch and understand the details, but are reading it as fast as possible.The Maze Runner reminded me of why I love to read. It pulled me into this sick, messed up world and wouldn't let me leave. I was trapped with the characters, suffering with them. I could relate to the characters, mourn with them, become afraid with them, and even feel nauseous with them. The only words I could get after finishing it were "Whoa" and "I can't wait to read the next one!" This book has left me speechless and impatient to read the next one. When I was reading it, it drastically reminded me of the Hunger Games. With the characters being trapped in an "arena" or in this situation, maze, and being if you will "observed". In this book the author makes you feel like you are actually living in the maze, and feeling what the characters are feeling. I was satisfied when I finished the book, but the ending was kind of abrupt. It left you thinking, "Hey..wait..did I miss some pages?!?....that can't be the end!" I loved how at the end of a chapter, it built up a climax towards the end of the chapter, and then you wanted to keep reading. If I could, I would read this book 24/7 and never stop, that's how exciting it is. For example of the cliff hangers, "Thomas moved up behind him to get a better look at the note in her hand. He stared at the mangled body of the mysterious girl. He felt like he knew her. Somewhere. He peeked at the note in Alby's hand. Scrawled in black across the crumpled piece of paper that said..SHE'S THE LAST ONE. EVER." It makes you want to continue. Sometimes when you have a book with cliff hanger endings, the next chapter is from a different persons point of view. Personally, that makes me want to skip the chapter and see what happened next.
Sadly in this book, I found myself cheating. When the story was very fast, I would just look where the page ended and I knew the chapter ended and was like JUST GET ON WITH IT!! Because I wanted to know that bad. Later, when I realized I was doing that, when it was close to the end of the book, I would take my hand and cover up the end of the chapter and take the words line by line. It almost killed me, but it didn't spoil the ending. To wrap it up, Maze Runner is one of my favorite books of all time. I really enjoyed reading it, and would recommend it to any friend that loves a good book.

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