Friday, March 25, 2011

The Foretelling

Hey, it’s me again. I recently read the Foretelling.

The Foretelling- The foretelling is about a girl named Rain, whose mother is Alina, queen of the tribe of women as tough as Amazon women. They fight other tribes of men, women, and both to protect everyone. They believe that everything, including the bears, their people, horses, and even the bees are their sisters. Rain is trained in weaponry and receives a mare at the age of thirteen. Rain’s life is pretty average, until the prophecy. The Black Horse. She realizes that there is much more to her life than she can see. She now knows that her life will never be the same again.

Now on to what I did and didn’t like in the book I finished reading, The Foretelling. I liked the suspense in the book, like when Rain was told the prophecy. Some of the things that they talked about were not really appropriate for middle school, but other than that I liked everything else.

I would make sure that the person who picks up this book likes to read and is open to a lot of weird topics in a book. I would say that you should be in middle school before you read this because of some of the content is not for people in elementary school.

I would compare this book to the Hunger Games because there is a lot of killing by people to protect themselves, just like the hunger games. One thing that is different than the Hunger Games is that the people are born into this life forever, in the Hunger Games you are picked and you die or get lucky, win, and go home.


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