Thursday, March 17, 2011

Books: how to choose

There are several ways I pick a book. The first way is: I read the title and look at the cover. I then read the back of the book to see if it might be interesting to me. If it is, then I will try reading it. Another way is I will read a book by an author of a book that I previously enjoyed. I often read series books, too. I also like to read books that people suggest for me.
I evaluate the first few chapters by seeing if the book holds any potential interest. If the book pulls you in and makes you want to keep reader to find out what happens, if the story is something you can relate to, or if the book is just something new and interesting, something you’ve never read before, then I’ll probably keep reading.
I look for characters I can relate to and passages that make you think.
If I cannot understand a book even if I read passages over and over, I’ll likely give up. If a book also lacks interesting characters, plot, scenes, etc. of any kind, it will be a least a struggle to read. The only other reason I might stop reading a book is if it gets really scary. I’m not a fan of super-scary books.

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