Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Code Talkers Book Review

The book Code Talkers was a good book. It is about the navyjo marines of WWII. Navyjo is a indian tribe and language. Navyjo people were wanted for the marines to talk there language so if enemy transmission picked up a radio signal the enemy would not know what they were saying. I was in between on this book i liked it and did not like it. The reasons why I liked it because it had many details about some of the most famous battles in WWII such as Iwo Jima. But the reason i did not like it because there was not a lot a battle just details. I would recommend this book to kids from 10-15 in age who are starting to learn about WWII in school. The reason because it has many facts about the war in it. Out of all books I've read it really didn't really remind me of any book I have read. But overall it was a good book.

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