Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Judge a book

If I am picking a book, I want it to be suspenseful, and exciting. Good books are fast moving. Some people decide to pick a book by whether the cover is pretty or the title sounds cool. That is not how I pick a book. I like to read the back summary, and if it makes me want to keep reading, then it is a good book for me. Many people “Judge a book, by its cover” maybe it is a good book, just it doesn’t look that exciting. There are good books out there, you just have to find them. Having a good book contains many climaxes and having the author build up to a certain point when the action literally explodes. When I read, I like a book when you are so tense with the suspense your eyes dart across the page, and sadly sometimes you get so impatient you skip some words until you can find the dramatic issue.

For me to evaluate the book that I am reading, it takes careful decisions and judgment. You may find the first three chapters very slow moving, the first couple parts of a book is not always very interesting. It may be a very fast paced book, but have a bad beginning. In the beginning of a book, I look for getting to know the main characters life, what their family is like, and what their interests are. Usually, books are using the introduction to let you learn about the characters and the environment and people around them. When I give up a book, it is usually because the book is too slow. I can’t stand when an author drones on and on about one certain detail. Sometimes this is good and is called elaborating, but sometimes when the author is describing a certain thing, and spends a whole chapter talking about it. In certain situations giving details helps you paint a picture of the characters world, but it may bore the reader after you do it for so long. I have given up books before, and they were for certain reasons, but I have read many good books and they were mostly fast paced.


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