Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ship Breaker


Hey, it’s me again. I read Ship Breaker.

Ship Breaker is a wonderful book full of suspense, love, “swanks,” loyalty, sacrifice, and revenge. It is set in the weird world of Bright Sands Beach where the people pray to the fates and do everything to stay alive, even turn on their own blood. This book is about a boy named Nailer that works in a ship-breaking yard to pay for his father and him. He lives in a small hut, avoids his almost always drunk and/or high father, and crawls through small ducts on wrecked oil tankers of the past “accelerated age” for pay. He lives on Bright Sands Beach, where his best friend, Pima, is also his immediate boss. He works for Bapi, the owner of the crew and is a rich “swank,” as the workers call him.

One thing in the book that I liked was the suspense. Every good book needs a little suspense. One example of suspense is when Nailer has to pick whether or not he wants to dive for the thing he thinks is a door in the oil room. At the end of the chapter all it says is, “He dove.” One thing that I didn't like was the fact that people in their teens were saying horrible words. Plus this book, I assume, was written for young adults. So it shouldn't say a lot of bad words, but it does, like h*** and other worse words.

I would recommend this book to anyone in 7th grade or higher that likes a good book, but can ignore bad words. I would do this because kids younger than that would probably get this book just to giggle about the bad words and point them out to their friends.

Ship Breaker reminds me of Bread and Roses, Too. They are alike in a lot of ways. In Bread and Roses, Too the main boy character, Jake, has a father who gets drunk and abuses him. Also both of these books are set in a period where times are tough and people are poor, but some very lucky people live like kings.


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