Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to pick a book

Hey this is my first blog with MCA Contemporary Literature.

1.) When I want to look for a book I look for a cool cover. Some of the time when a book has a cool cover it is a good book. I also look and see if it has gotten any awards. Lastly I look at the reviews from any magazines, authors, and maybe a TV show.

2.) I evaluate the first few chapters by looking and seeing if I can relate to anything like the characters. I look at the characters and see if they are my age or maybe a little older. I also look at the pace of the book. I like a fast pace book. Something that grabs my attention right off the bat.

3.) I give up on a book that I can't relate to or it takes place in a late time period (1800's-1950). Or I am just forced to read it and I still find it boring. I normally don't like books that are lovey-dovey and all romantic. I give up on a book that doesn't intrigue me from the start like it starts with like a quote or it has a lot of quote-like sayings.

Well that is it! (: I hope you enjoyed.


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