Monday, April 11, 2011

Saving Zasha Review

Saving Zasha takes place in post World War II Russia where almost all of the dogs have died due to the war. I don’t know how much of this book is true, but it claims that many dogs were killed during WWII due to starvation or being used against the enemy. The book also suggests that having a German shepherd at the time was almost traitorous.Well, the main character, Mikhail discovers a German shepherd when a dying man stumbles through his family’s woods. The man tells Mikhail the dog’s name is Zasha and Mikhail takes them both back to his house where the man dies. The story follows Mikhail and his family as they attempt to hide Zasha from their neighbors for they fear Zasha would be killed. Obviously, I’m not going to giveaway the ending. However, I will say it has a really good and satisfying ending.
Great story for an animal lover or history lover, or you could be both. . I was a little concerned that this was another book that ends with a dead dog but I was pleasantly surprised by how the book wrapped up. I admit that I did shed a few tears, but they were happy tears. Throughly enjoyed, I would recommend for someone who likes a good war and animal book.
-Abby :)

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