Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review on Hate list :)

I read Hate list, I really enjoyed reading it! Usually I don’t like reading, but with hate list I didn’t want to ever put it down.
Hate list is about the perspective from a teenage girl who’s boyfriend was involved with a school shooting, it showed me just because you think someone was a part of something doesn’t mean they were, and people can change from who you thought they were to someone different.
I liked that it was a fast pace book, and I could sort of relate to Valerie the main character because she felt like people thought she was someone that she wasn’t. I didn’t like how sad it was and I didn’t like the ending. (I won’t spoil it!)
I would recommend this book to middle schoolers, high schoolers, and young adults that can handle reading about depression. Also because they could relate to it the most and I think relating to a book is important.
I can't think of a book to compare this wiht because there aren't many books like it that are about high shcool shootings that teach you a lesson.

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