Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elephant Run

****************************Warning spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!***********************
Elephant Run by Roland Smith, This book is about a boy that goes to Burma during WWII. Somethings that I liked was that it kept you wondering in some places. I also liked was that most of the characters were around the age of middle schoolers. somethings that I didn't like was that in some places it was it was really slow and boring. Another thing that I did like was that they wold discribe things in deatil to a point where you thought you were in the story itself. Some of the people that I would recomend this book to are people that like history and people that like war and camps of differnt sorts. I would recomend this to someone that likes history is because it has a lot of historicial events that they talk about. The people that like war because of the POW camps. POW camps are camps that they kept people that were captured by the enimy during time of war. I could not relate this book to anything because I personally have not read many history books, or books that have to do with WWII.
*This book is a really good book I would recomend it to anyone that has not read it.*

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