Monday, April 11, 2011

Half Way Home

Half Way Home was awesome! The characters, especially Porter, were very well written. I really enjoyed how he starts to understand himself at the same time we begin to understand him. The planet sounds beautiful. My favorite aspect of it were the giant trees. I also loved the vinnies! When Ms. Kesler got a new hedgehog, we all jumped at the chance to name him Vinnie, but he ended up being called Teko. If only everyone had read Half Way Home. They would have gotten the joke, haha. Anyways, I would recommend Half Way Home to an older audience due to the gratuitous amount of cursing. It does make sense, seeing as all of the characters are fifteen years old, and we all know how most fifteen year olds talk... Haha, I am just kidding. Seriously though, Half Way Home is more of an adult novel than anything. Most younger kids wouldn't even really be able to appreciate the messages that it conveys.

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