Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blood of the Billions Review:

WARNING: slight spoiler, but doesn't reveal much In Molly Fyde’s third adventure, she still seeks to find her dad and defeat the Bern. Meanwhile, Cole is stuck in hyperspace! On Lok, Molly, Walter, and Molly’s Wadi try to find the elusive Cat. According to Parsona, Cat can help them. Molly figures out the undisclosed secret of fusion fuel. Some sleazy people are finding… ways to avoid buying fusion fuel. Cole has encounter with many strange people while stuck in hyperspace: Byrne, Mortimor (and some of his helpers), the Bern Seer, and some others. After Byrne explains everything to him, he orders him to die. How far will Cole go to protect himself? I think that this was a very good book, though some parts were too gory. Or too descriptive. Other than that, Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billion was a great book with an amazing plot. It had a lot of twists and thought-provoking concepts. I LOVED it! Words cannot describe Hugh Howey’s amazing writing.

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