Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Final Touch

~~~~~~~~SPOILERS~~~~~~~~~~~~This book was amazingg!!I absolutely loved it. It is by a Christian author,and it is mind blowing. There is this girl maned Shaley and her mom is a rock star. Minutes before her mom and Greg were supposed to be married, Shaley was kiddnapped. All of this happened in 2 chapters. Again, every other chapter is from Shaleys point of view, and others from her parents. Later in the book when the SWAT team gets involved, there is another point of view that jumps into the story. Its from Reynolds, a SWAT team member. This story was VERY high paced, and I loved it. In the midst of all this tragedies, Shaley discovers that this monster that has kidnapped her, was her stalker from 2 years ago. This man was arrested, but he escaped. Unfortunately, when Shaley is delivered to a cabin in Nevada with this man, she learns about him. He is doing all of this in the name of God. He claims to be a "prophet" and has named himself "Joshua"after the man in the Bible. "Joshua" informs Shaley that later in the week, she would be marring him. (Let me inform you that Shaley is 14 and "Joshua" is 55). She was scared out of her wits, and in the middle of all of these horrific happenings, Shaley calls apon God to save her. She parents are praying and worrying for her and asking God why he did this. Shaley, (being the 14 year old she is) called 9-1-1 when Joshua was in the bathroom. Sadly, she didnt get to finish her call before he was done. The operator got enough info to come after her. Joshua discovers that Shaley called, and beats her and drags her somewhere else. They break into a car maroon SUV, Shaley crawls into the back seat floorboard, and they ride to Peace Montana close to the Canadian border. (Notice they traveled from Georgia to Montana). They break into another cabin, and turn on the radio. They hear on the news that people have seen her in a Montanan gas station and are coming for her. But after hearing this Joshua is furious. They hear a bullhorn, sirens, and copters up ahead. I am not going to give away anything else. You need to read the book!!! I would recomend this to anyone who isnt easy to scare or shake. My sister (11) started reading this and she had to stop because it gave her night mares.

~~Abs :)

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