Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Broken Pieces

I thought that this book was very interesting and was easy to relate to. In the book the main character, Henry is a wonderful athlete but has problems thinking about his history from Vietnam. He is also having lots of problems with his friend, whos brother apparently died because of him. The book is very interesting and keeps you reading. It was also easy to relate to if you had or have a borther, or grandpa in the war, because it is just like real life because whatever he was thinking in the book i think about my brothers. The book makes you very emotional in some parts, but then it cheers you back up with good thoughts. To m this book is almost like i wrote the book because it is almost the same as my life. I have not read any books similiar to this one, but i would definetly recommend this book to someone with a military life. So overall i loved this book, because of how good i could relate it to me.

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