Monday, June 6, 2011

"C.H.E.R.U.B. The Dealer" Review

"The Dealer" is the sequel to the book "C.H.E.R.U.B." I personally thought that the book "C.H.E.R.U.B." had some potential to be a decent series, but "The Dealer" seems to follow the set trend of only being mediocre, and not reaching it's full potential. The main character of the book is James, he is a secret agent at an organization called C.H.E.R.U.B. In this book he is sent out on a mission where the goal of it is to take down a large cocaine operation, by getting close to the leader's children. I thought the story was decent, and had some good ideas, they just were not told well and seemed forced. A great example of this is when a character tells James he is gay, well this idea is bought up maybe two times, and one time seems weird and forced, and the other time is so out of place I almost started laughing because it seemed like he was forcing this idea both times and it did not really work. This is what happens to most ideas in the story, good ideas, poorly implemented.

I would recommend this book to a younger audience because more than likely they will be more willing to overlook these critical flaws and enjoy the book for what it is, a decent book, with a decent story, but tons of flaws that keep it from being good. Also instead of reading this I would read the Alex Rider series because I believe the story more, and it is over all much better written than "The Dealer."

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