Friday, June 3, 2011


Still catching up.........
OK. I read Eclipse, the third Twilight book, a few days ago. The third book is about Victoria (the evil one) creating a bunch of new vampires so she can kill Bella. During this time, Bella is worrying about her wedding, becoming a vampire and breaking Jacob's heart. This is really where the whole love triangle shows. Jacob and Edward both love Bella. Bella has to choose one. The other gets his heart broken. End of story. Until the wolves and the vampires get together to kill Victoria's army.
I liked Eclipse. I thought it was really good. It wasn't as lovey-dovey as the second book, which was good. It isn't the best in the series. So far I like the fourth one best. It's about as good as the first Twilight book.
I would recommend this book for Twilight Movie Haters (the books aren't that bad!) and werewolf/vampire lovers.

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