Friday, June 3, 2011

Review on "Bitter End" ! :)

I recently finished with “Bitter End”! Wow, this book was totally amazing. It’s by the same author as “Hate List”, by Jennifer Brown, which I absoutely love her writing style! This book was about a girl named Alex, and she had two bestfriends that she has had since young-young grades, then a boy comes along. He is from Pine Gates, and his name is Cole. Cole seems like the cutest, sweetest, boy ever. She thinks he so cute, and almost decideds she loves him. They start dating, and that’s when the abuse starts. Cole isn’t as nice as he seems. Hanging out with her best-friends started to make Cole mad, and that’s how he started getting bad, until she find out it’s not his first time doing that. This book did scare me alittle to think, that there are guys like that out there. I really liked it because it was a true thing. There are guys that abuse girls. It wasn’t as sexual as I would have thought, but that’s good. It wasn’t descriptive in those kind of parts. This is a really brillant book; and I loved it. I would recommend this book most likely to a girl. Because, a boy might take it offensively, or some may even learn from it. Yet, with a girl it will give almost a warning, and they will appreciate the style more. They would definitely need to be atleast in 7-8th, and the better the higher. Because, it’s a big topic to take it as a kid. I might compare this book to “Hate List”, because it’s by the same author, so it’s the same kind of style, and the same way how she gets her topic out there. I really enjoyed this book, and would definitely read anything Jennifer Brown has written.

~ Bailey :)

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