Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm still going.........................
I read the second book in the Uglies series, Pretties, maybe a week ago(?). Pretties is set after Tally goes back to New Pretty Town. Tally meets Zane there. Zane can already tell that being pretty messes with your brain. He has figured out how to keep his mind focused. He does dangerous things like climbing a tower. Tally does this stuff with him. Eventually Tally, Zane and a bunch of their friends escape New Pretty Town and go to the New Smoke. Zane made it there but Tally landed in some kind of reservation where people live like cavemen. She meets Andrew Simpson Smith there and he tries to help her escape. She ends up stealing a hovercar and getting caught by the Specials. This book has a lot of action as well. I'm not sure which one I liked better between the first two in the series. They were both good books. I would recommend this book to girls who are in 5th-10th grade.

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