Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have always disliked classics.......

Hey guys!!! Wow it took me like forever to try and figure out how to create a new post, but then I realized that it really wasn't that hard:D I hope everyone is having a great summer! Well, I have found it really hard to find good books for myself to read, with out the plethora (bean!!) of novels coming from both Ms. Kesler and Mrs. Braley's libraries:) I started to read Northern Lights, a book that I have been wanting to read since Ms. Kesler purchased it, but it took me forever to get into that book! I was like reading 3 pages a day, and then putting it down, moaning about how horrible it was....after slowly reading 80 pages, the book started to finally get interesting (haha i cant stop describing books as "interesting"). And I was like yay! I am finally reading a good book!! But then, unfortunately, I realized that I had required reading that I had to do......not fun. For high school, we have to read 2 books: 1 that everyone has to read, and 1 that you can choose from a HUGE list. The one that everyone has to read is called My Forbidden Face by Latifa, a story about a girl living with the Taliban...historical non-fiction...I have gotten mixed reviews on this book. My Model UN friends, cough cough;) who love this kind of topic enjoyed this book....but some of my other friends who aren't involved with anything about the Middle East conflict found the book tedious and not interesting (here i go again with that word:D). So I have no idea what to think about that book, so I guess i have to get my butt over to the library (the freakishly small, public library, not the amazing Ms. Kesler library) :( and find the book and read it....For the second book that we have to read, we could choose a book...I made the mistake of choosing Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen....lets just say NOT my favorite book. I thought it was going to be amazing!! I was sooo excited to read it......yeah, its been a week and I have only read about 100 pages....100 pages, out of 476 pages :| .... I really just don't understand the plot...the characters are confusing....and the fact that it is written in old English doesn't help ONE bit....I am slowly getting through it, though i better pick up the pace since summer is almost over :( and I really want to get my required reads over with so I can continue working through the ginormous stack of books on my night side table...they have been sitting there ever since I started Contemporary Literature because all of Ms. Kesler's reads looked better and I knew that I wouldn't have them for much longer. Some other books I have read this summer are The Mysterious Benedict Society (umm....amazing!!! I cant wait to read the second one...but I don't know if i will, because I don't see how the story will play out), I started Little Women a while that is one classic novel that i actually enjoyed...okay now I'm drawing a blank on books...maybe i should keep a list of all the books I read in the summer like I did when I was little:P I hope everyone is having a good reading journey as well as many summer travels :) Have a great summer!
-Marissa :)


  1. Give Pride and Prejudice a chance! It is amazing!

  2. i gave up on pride and prejudice....