Monday, March 28, 2011

Hate List

Don't Read this if you have not read the book the Hate List!!!!!!!!! (: This book in my opinion was very, very good. It is mainly about a high school shooting.There are a couple scenes in the book that have to do with drinking. There are a couple of scenes that some people are held at gun point. It also has some graphic scenes too. It has a lot of bad language in it and I recommend this book for 7th grade to adult age group. This book at the end had like a moral to it. The moral to this book would be think befor you act and be careful with who you hang out with. Valerie hung out with Nick, Nick influenced Valerie to drink and do things that she isn't supposed to. I don't really like the fact that a lot of people in this generation can relate to this book. This book was well written and is also fast pace Just a side note this book has a lot of bullying issues. If you are someone that gets influenced very easily I do not recommend this book to you. This book is a very good book! If you read it I hope that you like it as much as I did. (: ~Kaitlin (:


  1. i don't thin that this is one of my best posts but here you go :) lol

  2. i have not read any books like this one.... this is like a real life tragety the colombine High School shooting Tuseday April, 20, 1999. I have read about this shooting and it was very devistateing.

  3. Jennifer browns next book like the Hate List is comming out May,10,2011