Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review for Ship Breaker. (: (forgot to publish a while ago).

I forgot to upload this a while back, this is my review for "Ship Breaker" :)

Ship Breaker is a novel we’ve been reading during English class. It’s basically about a guy named Nailer, who works on light crew, doesn’t know how to read, and isn’t exactly sure how old he is. His life isn’t the best, but back then not many people’s were. He knew a guy named Lucky Strike, who always found all the oil, and was one of the richest people in Bright Sands Beach. It must have been a little aggravating, since Lucky Strike would just find oil and get rich, while Nailer and others are working extremely hard for very little quota. Nailer and his other workers believed in the Fates, so they prayed a lot to them, and believed when someone got lucky, it was the Fates trying to tell them something.
His father, Richard Lopez, was not so nice. Actually, he was considered extremely violent and cruel. He was a big druggie; he would hit Nailer, and never really treated him like a true son. There were times when he wasn’t as drunk, and they would have good moments, but those didn’t come often. To make Richard happy, Nailer would usually have to buy his dad something that would either make him drunk, or make him rich. This book made me feel sorry for Nailer, in a lot of times. Reading it, makes most of us feel like we’ve got it easy. We don’t have to work in oil tankers and ducts, to make a small amount of quota (their money). His friends weren’t always the best example either even though he did most of the same things; they would drink by the bonfire, and cuss a lot when it’s wasn’t necessary. Yet, back then, cussing a lot wasn’t like cussing a lot now of days. It probably wasn’t even considered bad, it was like the usual for them. That’s one reason the age recommendation matters while reading this book, you most likely shouldn’t be under middle school range, which is about lower than 11-12. The reason for that would be that they might be immature about it. If they would just laugh every time a word came around, they wouldn’t try to understand why it was there. In a lot of cases, if helps the content, to show the mood in the book. This book would be recommended for either gender, guys or girls would like it! One of my favorite parts in the book is where he meets a girl named Nita. Well, it’s not a casual meet like you might assume. She is basically a rich swank, at least what they called her. They found her ship which was crashed and it was fulled with lots of silver in it. Pima wanted to kill her, and cut off her fingers for her rings.. Nailer starts to like Nita, which is really cute, and without giving a lot away, the best way to put it as they go on lots of adventures together. My biggest dislike in the book was the ending. I don’t think it ended well, not in a bad way, I just don’t believe Paolo Bachagalopi ended it like he could of. He had this strong beginning, super middle, and then the end was just kind of there. I think he could have ended it better and most people agree, but, if another part of Ship Breaker came out, I would most defiantly get it! Paolo Bachagalopi is a brilliant writer; I love his style of writing, the way he gives the message out, while trying to keep it secret. I’m not a huge reader fan, but I really enjoyed most of Ship Breaker, and I think our class did too! It would be very difficult to compare this book to any others. I think it’s too unique to do that, I haven’t seen a writer style like him before. If I did have to pick a comparison, I would say Titanic & Narnia. Those might sound a little strange to be compared, but they both make sense, once you read, I think you’ll find out and see the comparisons too! I would rate this book highly, and hope this could be a required read for middle schoolers, and up.

~ Bailey! (;

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