Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of Ship Breaker


Ship Breaker is a post apocalyptic book. It is about a young teen that has to work as a ship breaker. It is inappropriate language in some parts but anyway is pretty good.

I didn't like the ending of it because; it doesn't fit the book at all. The book is very action pact. I like the fact that most of the characters in the book are around our age (12-15). I also didn't like the fact that it cussed a lot.

This book I recommend for a 7th- adult age group. This book has a lot of inappropriate language. It also is very graphic in some places. For example, if someone has a cut the author describes the cut in great detail. If the cut has blood spewing out of it the author will tell you about it. If like for example if someone gets caught in gears of a boat it is kind of disturbing to read the way he describes the pain the person is in.

You can't really compare this book to any others. It is like its own story. I haven't read a book quite like this one. It seems so life like. I think that some people can relate to what Richard Lopez does.( abuse children). It was really scary in some places but not terrifying.

Well there is my review! Hope you like it =)!!!


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