Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Lost Hero by: Rick Riordan

The book The Lost Hero was a very good book. It showed a totally different side of the Percy Jackson series. The plot is very much like the Percy Jackson books, though. An oracle gives a ominous prophecy and then three heroes go on the given quest. The heroes are Leo, Piper, and Jason.

My favorite character was Piper, because she changed throughout the story. She never stopped making the story interesting. Her views of certain things where intriguing, and lead me into a whole series of questions for her. The characters that I thought were worthless to the story were all of the extra wind gods. I believe that they didn’t add much to the story and were a part of the book that wasn’t necessary.

This book was good because of all the underlying stories. Some of them centered on were that family matters or the idea of never giving up. The underlying story that family matters is the relationship with Thalia and Jason. Even though Jason has no real recollection of her he feels emotionally pulled toward to her. Also, even though Zeus abandoned him Hera took him as one of her own.

The underlying story of never give up is because that quest the three of them went on looked bad because none of them had any experience in fighting or any survival training. Yet, they went because they were determined to finish the quest.

If you enjoyed the previous Percy Jackson books or The Hunger Games then I would definitely recommend this book to you, because it has a little romance, action, drama, and of course Olympians. I really enjoyed this book, and hope you do too.

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