Friday, June 3, 2011


In the fourth and final book in the Uglies series, the focus switches from Tally to young Aya. Aya's face rank is 451,359. She's tired of being out shined by her older famous brother who's ranked in the top thousand. With her hovercam Moggle by her side she is ready to launch the biggest story since the mind-rain. Until she stumble upon a grave secert.. With her friends, brother, and Tally Youngblood (and the rest of the cutters) behind her it's up to Aya to save to world!!!!

This book was very different. The writing style of all of this series is very unquie the content was strange. All of the books provoked thoughts on governmen. Most of all this book gave a unquie point of view on self-worth. When everyone around you is supermodel pretty and you're, you start to think they know everything. You start to think less of your self, and not even notice the change in yourself. I loved this book and would recommend it to middle school girls.


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