Monday, June 6, 2011

My fake boyfriend is better than yours REVIEW

This is my review on My fake boyfriend is better than yours.
The book was about a girl named Tori and her best friend Sienna. Tori and Sea were always best friends until Sea went away for a whole summer, and changed completely. Sea had a total makeover, got a “boyfriend”(Fake of course), is popular, and acts like a total snob. Tori decides that 2 can play that game. So Tori makes her own “Boyfriend” and the competition begins between the 2. (You have to read it to know how it ends!)
I liked this book a lot. I could relate to some parts, like how someone thinks a person pretends to do/have something so they pretends the same thing. I would be really mad if I was in Tori’s position because she just lost her best friend, her only friend.
I would definitely recommend this book to girls. I think an age group from 10-15 would be about right for this book. I enjoyed this book a lot, but it’s really girly and I don’t think any guy would like it.
This book is a lot like The Clique, because a lot of people try to pretend they are someone they aren’t and they have things that they really don’t. I also liked The Clique, and I think if someone likes My fake boyfriend is better than yours they will also like The Clique. But I liked this book a little more than The Clique.

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