Friday, June 3, 2011

dear John, by Nick. Sparks

Dear John was about this "army grunt" as John Tyree describes himself and "sheltered goody-two shoes" Savannah Curtis. They met at the beach over spring break and fell in love. Two weeks was all it took. Then things changed, John had to go back to the army and Savannah had college. Things change drastically for each of them.
I really enjoyed this book! The characters where always keeping me on my toes, but my favorite character was John because I could relate to him in many ways. The only thing I didnt like about the book was the ending because I never found out if John and Savannah got back together!
I would recommend this book to any true romance and drama lovers. I also would narrow that down to just girls because I believe a guy would get sick of the book very quick.
True Believer and The Notebook are very similar to this book because they all the the gripping romance and tear-jerking endings.

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