Thursday, June 9, 2011

"LAIKA" Review

The book "LAIKA," in my eyes is a decent graphic novel, it has a well done story, it gets you to care about the characters, but the one thing that really falls short on this story is the animations that are throughout the story. You would think that in a graphic novel, the graphics would be a huge part of the story, and that the creators would spend a lot of time perfecting the art of the story, but the book "LAIKA" does not follow through on this, and instead gives a ton of poorly animated slides that are plain ugly to look at. Does the animation help develop the story, definitely, I could not imagine this story without them, they just could have been better.

Although other than the animation, everything else is extremely well done. The story is about a dog who's name changes throughout the book because she goes through many owners, but it is about the story of a dog who goes from a stray all the way to the first living animal in space that we know of. The story is a little dark though, and sad, because of what exactly this dog goes through, it is treated as a science experiment instead of a dog. To say the least, I believe that this story is excellent and develops the character's personalities very well. Also the story makes you care about the story.

I would recommend this to teenagers because in order to understand this book you need to understand the Soviet Union, and a few other things, also because the story is a little dark. Also I would loosely relate this to a graphic novel called "Watchmen," and only because the art style is vaguely similar.

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