Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review on "Elsewhere" ;)

I LOVED THIS BOOK. Okay, so, now that that’s out.. LET THE REVIEW BEGIN! I recently finished “Elsewhere”! This book is about a girl named Liz (Elizabeth), who doesn’t exactly know where she is. In the first part of the book, she is on a ship, talking to Curtis Jest who was her favorite singer, that had died recently. For a while, she thought she was dreaming, until it became obvious that she was dead, and this was her after life. It wasn’t how most people think of being dead, the place was called “Elsewhere”, it had shops, friendly people, almost everything as Earth. She met her grandmother Betty that had died of Breast Cancer before she was born, so they had never met before hand. At first, Liz doesn’t like it there, then she meets people, and almost falls in love. Also, in Elsewhere you get younger, then when your back to being a baby, you get floated down the river to Earth, to be born all over again. I loved the style of her writing! It was almost like a diary, but not. Yet, that probably doesn’t make sense; it wasn’t a book you had to drag yourself into. There would be parts that it would take a few minutes, but then you’d be glued to the book! I can’t actually think of anything I didn’t like. The only thing might have been, how sometimes a chapter would start differently, but it would explain soon! I would recommend this book too probably girls. The reason for that is the whole love part, but that’s only a tiny part, and mostly near the end! Boys could get through this book, but they may not like it as much. The age would be 12+, because it does mention a few weird parts, but it’s not descriptive or anything, more like it’s just mentioned! I couldn’t compare this book to any other that I’ve read. It’s very cool and weird knowing that she’s dead in the story, but it makes so much sense, and makes it awesome! This book isn’t scary, by the way, I thought it would be at first, but it’s not .. AT ALL.

~ Baileyyyyy <3

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