Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review of Fly Girl by Sheri L. Smith

Hey! I recently read Fly Girl for an assignment in History class, studying WWII. I read this along with Dana and I honestly enjoyed reading it, but my partner wasn't a big fan. The main character is Ida Mae Jones, and she lived in Louisiana in a small town. She had a big dream that one day she can join the WASP. (Womens Air force Service Pilots.) Her little brother finds an article from the newspaper about the graduates from the school, and becomes inspired. She had been working as a house cleaner so she "borrows" some of a rich womans clothes from the house her and her "BFF" Jolene had been cleaning, and sets off secretly for the WASP interview. They were very lenient on letting African American women into the program, so her lighter skin gets her the ticket in. She leaves all of her family and Jolene to go to Avenger Field in Texas to start her training. While she is there, she makes new friends. Patsy Kake and Lily Raines are in her flight class and she befriends them from the beginning. I am not going to go on, because I don't want to tell anything else. All I am going to say is that I was so devastated in one part because of something that happens to a pilot. :( Anyways, I throughly enjoyed this book, and following and learning about the WASP and everything about them. I am sure others will enjoy it too. I would definitely recommend this story to someone else!
Happy Reading!!!

-AbBy ShEpHeRd!! :)

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