Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evaluating and chosing books

When I’m choosing a book I look to see if the cover looks at all appealing. After that then I read the back of the book to see if it sound like a book I’d be interested to read. Once I’ve done all of that I check to see if I’ve read anything by the author. I also ask around to see if anyone else has read it, and what they think about it. Usually as long the back looks good I’ll give it a chance.

When I evaluate a book I look to see if the book is easy to understand. I look to see if it’s hard to get through or if it flows along. I check to see if it’s about a topic that I enjoy. When I give up on a book it’s usually because I can’t understand what it’s saying, or I don’t enjoy the topic.

At least this is how I think I choose and evaluate books, I've never really thought about it before.


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