Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blood Red Horse

Blood Red Horse took place in the 12th century when King Richard was alive. Will and Gavin, brothers, are sent off to war along with their father, Sir Thomas. Meanwhile, their friend, Ellie, is left home since she is a girl and cannot fight.

Will isn’t very nervous because he has his trusty horse, Hosanna. Hosanna is very loyal, capable, and loving. When Hosanna falls into the enemies’ hands, Will is heartbroken.

Kamil, on the other side of the war, loves Hosanna as much as Will. Hosanna is happy in both places. But, when Hosanna has a severe, near-death injury, can Will, Gavin, and Kamil come together to save their horse?

This book shows both sides of the story- the Christian side and them trying to regain Jerusalem, and the Muslim side, trying to protect the land they currently inhabit.

It was okay. Slightly boring in some parts, but it kept me wanting to read to see what happened. I found myself really liking Hosanna, too. I also liked Ellie a lot. She was gutsy and quick to get her way, but still really nice.

This book compares well to the Heartland series. Heartland is about a girl (Amy) whose mom has devoted her life to caring for horses, without being harsh at all. Amy continues her mother’s job and brings many horses back to life, just as Brothers, Will, Hal, and Kamil help Hosanna.

I’d recommend this to any young adults that like war (in-battle) stories that don’t mind horses, or to those that really like horse stories.

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