Thursday, May 5, 2011

All the Broken Pieces

I'm not a huge poem fan but I really enjoyed this book. It had good content, was eay to understand, and really showed emotions.

"My name is Matt Pin
and her name, I remember,
is Phang My.
His name
I will never say....."
~All the Broken Pieces

This book is about a young boy who was airlifted away from is home in Vietnam during the Vietnam war, by American soilders. When he reached his new family in America he sees a different side of life, but being Vietnamess leads to lots of challenges for Matt. Matt attends a group of veterans who are talking about experinces in the war, but once he faces the memories there is no going back.

Through out the book Matt deals with racism and more then his share of blame

"...Because of you, Matt-the-rat,
there's no place for me.

Becayse of you, my wife left.

Because of you, my brother died.

Because of you, I have stumpps instead of legs...."


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