Monday, May 9, 2011


Yes, I know Ms. Kesler said something or other about Twilight in the letter she sent home at the beginning of the trimester but I didn't get it from Ms. Kesler. I bought it myself because honestly I had a gift card and needed to buy something. Twilight isn't as bad as the movie portrays. The book is actually quite interesting. Everybody knows what the book is about so it feels weird to have to write a summary, but I guess I have to.
This book is about seventeen year old Bella Swan, who moves in with her dad when her mom moves to Florida with her new Phil (I'm saying Phil because I can't remember if he was a boyfriend or husband. All I remember is the name and that he is a baseball player). Bella falls in love with Edward Cullen, who is a vampire. For an extremely long time, Bella doesn't know Edward is a vampire and most of Edward's adopted family does not approve of Bella being told that they are vampires (Rosalie in particular). Oh and did I mention Edward and his family don't drink human blood? Well, I did now. They actually spend most of the end of the book saving Bella from vampires who do drink human blood.
The movie and the book are two very different things. We find out Edward is a vampire earlier in the movie than in the book. Edward Cullen actually has a sense of humor in the book. He is very sarcastic unlike Robert Pattinson and his extreme seriousness. I like book Edward more than movie Edward. I have also found out that the entire reason the movie is awful is because of Kristen Stewart. Bella Swan is an interesting character and is completely ruined by Kristen Stewart, who happens to be a horrible actress (I know this because she was also in another movie I've seen, Zathura). Bella isn't as delicate as she seems in the movie. It is actually kind of funny: She isn't afraid to run off to face a lethal vampire, yet she is highly afraid of needles (I can't say much because I am too but if you think about it, it is kind of funny). This is my comparison because I haven't read any other vampire or romance novels.
I would recommend this book for anyone who hates the Twilight movies because just by watching the movies, you are missing out (At least there isn't a fail of an actress in the book). I would also recommend it to those who love vampires and romance novels. At least I would as long as they are in sixth grade and up anyway. This was a quick read for me (2 days), but there is quite a bit of violence so sixth and up is good.

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