Thursday, May 5, 2011


The book WINGS was very good. It did take a little wait to get to the good part but over all it was very good. It's definitively for more mature reads as there was a lot of language and some sexual content.

This book is a realistic fiction book about a girl flying for WASP,Sally, in WWII. Over the course of the book she faces lots ofchallenges from the men hoping to disband WASP. In the end these
people with all their power and sextets ideas manage to shut down WASP before Sally has a chance to prove herself as more then a trainee witha lot of potential.

This book was luckily way better then the book FLYGIRL though theywere about the same to topic. Where FLYGIRL was dry, confusing, andboring, WINGS was exciting, suspenseful, and for the most part easy to understand.


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