Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Someone Named Eva

Milada lives in Lidice, a town in Czechoslovakia. Suddenly, Hitler’s soldiers come and raid the town of all of the people. Men are sent to a “work camp.” Women and girls are taken to a gym and moved around. When Milada fits the description Ayran, she is taken a camp with other girls that had blond hair and light eyes. They learned German, got new German names (Eva), and were trained to be a German. Many were upset. Milada had trouble remembering who she was before and sometimes even forgets her name: Milada. Milada/Eva was sent to a German household where they would reside. After Hitler was killed, Milada/Eva is ready to find her family and go back to who she was.

I loved this book! It is amazing! It has become one of my favorites. It is about something that few people know about. Plus, I like reading about history.

The only thing I can compare this book to is The Rock and the River because they are both about something that isn’t often written about. It is also similar to Anne Frank because it was also about Hitler’s rule, just in a different perspective.

I’d recommend it to any young-adults who like to read about history. Although, it is told from a girl’s perspective and I don’t really think boys would enjoy this.

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