Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Gardener


The Gardener is about the shady experiments of a company called TroDyn. The company plans on making a new type of human that can produce energy from the sun. These people are called autrophs.
A boy called Mason ends up involved in the less than moral dealings of TroDyn. He and a girl invlved in the experiment, Laila, run away together. As they get farther away from the rest of the subjects in the experiment, Laila becomes ill.
They meet up with a former TroDyn employee. Dr. Emerson, the ex-employee, informs them that Laila has to be near other autotrophs to stay alive. This is because of the fact that the experiment is not yet complete and the kinks in the system haven't been worked out yet.
Mason takes Laila back to TroDyn, and gets a tour of the buliding from a woman named Eve. The woman says that he will ba able to meet the head of the experiment, who is known as the Gardener.
When Mason meets the Gardener, he is shocked. The Gardener is his father, who he thought had just left his family or died.
Eve trys to kill Soloman, the Gardener, because she wants to sell the autotrophs to the government, but Mason stops her. Laila and the other autotrophs have to be moved to a new holding facility, but Soloman promises Mason that he will see her again.
The story picks up again, and Mason is going to Stanford. He sees Laila, and the book ends.

In my opinion, this is not a worthwhile read. Not only is the plot decidedly unoriginal, NOTHING happens until page 120 of 230. 130 pages is not enough space to create an nteresting and deep plot. I would not recommend this book to anyone, seeing as it was a huge disappiontment. I would compare this book to the first Molly Fyde book. Both books took forever to pick up, but Molly Fyde actually managed to capture my attention, unlike the Gardener.

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