Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Book Thief"

I bluntly did not believe that the "The Book Thief" was not a even remotely decent book.

"The Book Thief," as the name implies, is about a thief, more specifically it is about a small girl in WWII Munich Germany. Who's name is Liesel, and lives with a poor family after her brother dies on the train headed to her new home, and her mother has been taken away for being a communist. I thought the story was pretty stale though, with little character development. The only thing that it had going for it was the narrator, who is Death, and that makes the story, but there is nothing else special about it at all.

I would not recommend this book to most people because it is so boring and slow, but if I had to, I had to I would recommend it to younger readers because if the main characters and the events that happen during the book.
Also if I were to compare it to a book, I would compare to almost any WWII book that is on any shelf because that is what this is, except for the narrorator.

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