Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This book is about a girl thats' brother got shot in a school shooting. She has aspergers.
Somehtings that I liked in this book is that I could relate to it in someway. My little brother has aspergers. I saw in this book that their worlds are way differnt that an average persons. They think in a very differnt way than a average person. They also do things differnt like read the dictionary (which the main character does) for fun or reads bat books. (my brother reads them for fun) Something that I didn't like was that the author put the beginning of random words in big letters and the rest of the word in small letters. That really bugged me that the author did that. Something that I kind of liked and kind of didn't like was that the book had A LOT of dialog in it. I understund what the diolog was for but didn't get why she put that much of it in there. I would recomed this book to anyone. This is a book that anyone will enjoy. They will enjoy it because it is kind of relatible to everyone that has a sibling. If you have a sibling that has aspergers than you will understand what they are really like, what they do and why, and just plain understand what they go through on a daily basis. I could not relate this book to anything that I have read because I have not read anything like this.
****** I hope that you will enjoy thins book! =)*****

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