Monday, May 16, 2011

the Hate List

The Hate List is a book that shows what bullying can become. Valerie and her boyfriend Nick make a list of all the people they hate, but one day Nick goes crazy and shoots people who are on the list. He kills 6 people, and then himself. Now, Valerie must face her senior year with people "hating" her.
I really liked the way the author portrayed Nick. It was so different. I mean you CANT hatehim just what he has done. I mean he loves Shakespeare and Hamlet. He was more than what other people saw and thought of him. He had a side that only Valerie unlocked. The thing I didn't like was how they didn't really describe the main characters. Nick, was a skinny kid with baggy clothes, but I couldn't get a sense of how he looked, which I guess is good but I would have preferred a more set out description.
I would recommend this book for people 11+ because of the language and content. I believe boys and girls would like this book, but mostly girls.
I haven't really read a book like The Hate List but I look forward to reading Bitter End!!!

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