Monday, May 2, 2011

The Scorch Trials

I've recently finished reading the Scorch Trials the sequal to Maze Runner. This book was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, good, and very, very, very, very, very,very, very, VERY, suspenceful. *There will be a spoiler in this review but it will be marked*

In this book Thomas and the Gladers are thrown into yet another test, and this time it's the complete opposite. Last time they where trapped in a world with everything they possible could need, now they are free but have practivally nothing. Not to mention if they don't get to the Safe Haven in time they'll all be come Cranks due to the Flare. *SPOILER ALERT* Again Thomas is forced into the reliaztion that he is important to WICKED when they choose to break their own "rules" to take him out of the trial after he was injuerd by a bullet. *END SPOILER ALERT* With Teresa still missing Thomas is only able to talk in his head to new boy Aris. *ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT* When Aris first arrived, showing up mysteriously where Teresa had been, he brings new of another Group. Another group of kids going through the same tests the Gladers are, only difference until Aris and Teresa had switched places Aris was the only guy in his group. The group of all girls had; like the Gladers recived one girl every 30 days for around 2 years. Until one day a girl Rachel arrived, the next day Aris arrived in a coma. Rachel and Aris could talk in their heads just like Teresa and Thomas. The only difference between the groups (besides gender) is that the girl escaped two days eariler with less lives lost and Rachel died. This lead Thomas to believe that he was supposed to die not Chuck. After Aris shows up so do tattos on all the gladers, Minho is "The leader" and Thomas is "To be killed by group B"!! *END SPOILER ALERT* As the group contiues on in the Trials more things have Thomas questioning everything. When a new 'crank' girl Brenda (whose helping them get to Safe Haven) admits she has feelings for Thomas he can't help just wishing she'd be Teresa. *SPOILER ALERT AGAIN I KNOW* Speaking of Teresa she does terrible things to Thomas when they reunite, but she's under the impresion that if she doesn't he will die!!! Thomas has a hard time forgiving her and their relationship will never be the same again *END SPOILER ALERT*

I'd recommend this book to anyone ages 5th to 10th depending on the reading choices of a kid. In ways it's adventurous like the Hunger Games but the Maze Runner books are WAY better.

Finally - GRRR Ashleigh Gilbert for reccmending me the series when the 2nd book ends with a cliff hanger, and the 3rd and final book isn't out yet!!! GRRRR you Ashleigh GRRRR you!!!!!!



  1. but after you read the first one didnt i warn you not to read the second one? you just didnt listen. lol

  2. No you told me I had to so I could suffer with you, plus after the first one I was dying to read the second