Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The Final retaliation stage has come when Katniss takes the face of Mockingjay. She and her allies/friends try to gain control of the capitol. They go through many, many challenges, but Katniss has one goal in mind: to kill Pres. Snow.

I really liked this book, although I think too many people died. I feel like they either went insane or ended up dead.

The whole thing was very clever and like a true retaliation story. I really liked the parts with Katniss, Peeta (who is still recovering from shock of tracker jacker venom, and Finnick and how they tried to get around the city’s Capitol without being discovered. I got really sad because SPOILER:: Prim died, the one Katniss was trying to save from the very beginning, Finnick died and Annie had no one again, Boggs died, and everyone else she had come to know except her mom, Gale, Peeta, and Haymitch. But, her mom is too busy at the hospital, and Gale is far away, Haymitch is drunk and of no help, and Peeta ends up being her husband. I think Gale was way better for her, though. Not that I didn’t like Peeta. END OF SPOILER.

I recommend this book to anyone who read the first and second book and liked one or both of them. It’s worth reading, but kind of depressing.

Comparison: Molly Fyde. It is similar because they both deal with political issues and take-overs like the capitol in Mockingjay and planets like Glemot on Molly Fyde.

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