Thursday, May 5, 2011


This book is extremly weird. I think it was good, although all the riddles made it confusing. There was alos some adult content in the book. I'd recommend it for mature middle schoolers and high schoolers, maybe a lower reading level collage student, due to the rape in the book.

This book is about a girl Lucy, she has everything she's ever wanted. She lives with her foster parents, as nobody knows who her real father is and her mother went crazy after having Lucy, due to rape. Lucy is excited for her school prom, although at points leading up to prom, including the actual, it looks like her crazy real mother, Miranda is going to ruin it. Sadly Lucy's prom date rapes her then dies in a car crash! *SPOILER ALERT* They later find out that Lucy's date was being controled by an evil spirt, elf, thingy, who has cursed Lucy's family, to be raped, have a little girl, then go crazy *END SPOILER ALERT* In order to break the curse Lucy must complete three impossible tasks - To make a shirt with no seams, or needlework, to find an acre of land between salt water and sea strand, which she has to plow with just a goats horn, and to sow it all over again with just a grain of corn. Will she succeed or will she fail?

This book is similar to the Hugh Howey books with the levels of weirdness, similar to Speak in the rape content, but it's really not similar to anything.

~ Dana

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