Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"All but my Life" :))

Review on “All but my Life”. ((:

“All but my Life” was a really good book. Even though it’s not usually the type of book I would pick out, I found it very interesting. It really shows how living around World War II wasn’t the best time to be. They usually were forced to go to concentration camps, and they had to spend their life there, being tortured to work until they die. The main character, Gerda doesn’t have an easy life. Her brother Authur goes off to war, and has to leave the family. Then, soon enough her dad, Julius, was sent off by a train to a concentration camp. Next, her mom and her were separated, and they both headed to different concentration camp. Gerda had to adjust to not having a family, not having her home and all her things, and mostly learning to live in such as a concentration camp. She started to adjust and actually made some friends, which soon enough later she had to basically watch the die. She had to do a lot of work, and sometimes she would sleep in a cabin with her bunkmates, and other times in a cold barn. It shows how life was a lot different around World War II. I really enjoyed this book, and think others would too. It expresses a great story, and brings you along into it! I liked it because of her detail with some things, the way she would talk about the camps she had to go too, and the mood in the book. I didn’t like how some of the time, it would be really good, then it would turn not as good, and would take a while to get interest. I would recommend this book to probably a girl, and 12+. I’m sure a guy would enjoy it, but since you kind of have to feel bad for Gerda in the story, it wouldn’t hit them as hard. I would compare this book to Number the Stars, which is also about the Nazis, and around German World War II. Overall, this was a very good book that I never thought I would like!

~ Bailey ! hahahahahaha. :)

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