Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Out of my Mind

*spoiler-ish alert*
Out of my Mind is an amazing book. Melody is 11 years old with photographic memory. She has Cebral Palsy and has never spoken a day in her life, even though she has so much to say.
I really liked this book because of the story it tells, Melody overcomes her disability and proves everybody wrong. The only thing I didnt like is the ending. It could have ended SO much better. I would almost say dont waste your time because I hated it SO much! They just left her because she had a disability. I was so angry because of it.
I sugest this book to all people who frequently use the word "retard". I for one have stopped saying it as much because it is so wrong. I also found this book touching because of my word I do with the Special Olympics.
I have been told that this book is similar to Mockingbird which I look forward to reading.

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