Wednesday, May 11, 2011

weedflower review

I read the book weedflower. It’s about a Japanese-American family that lives in California. There life is peaceful until Japan bombs Hawaii (starting ww2) causing chaos for all Japanese Americans. The main character Sumiko and her family have to move to a relocation center/ Internment camp until they are releases. Sumiko learns to have friends of different cultures while this is happening.
This book teaches a lot about racism. I like how you get to see life in America from a Japanese girl’s prospective. I enjoyed reading it because it is funny at some times and you learn how hard Japanese or other cultures life’s are.
I would recommend this book to 5th graders and up. I think girls would enjoy it a little bit more, but boys can enjoy it too. Older kids might understand it better and get more from it but younger kids can still learn things.
I can’t think of any books that are like weedflower.

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